Java – July 2, 2004 / November 23, 2019

there’s an angel resting on my aqua blue love seat

24 / 7


passing thru time

a famous person nicknamed him lamb

not a more inventive name to be found

I say the word lamb and I become five eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich all over again

most people call him Java

he is my dog

he’s decided not to pay rent

strictly becoming my Joan of Arc

my frisky ufo

full of lava

such a divine and yet simple being

always in this Disney state of mind

his throne manipulates my entire living space

I never mess with his boundaries

for I am by far inferior

as he exhales

his actions grant me movements, discoveries and journeys

there is always this angel resting on my aqua blue love seat

24 /7


passing thru time

and when he’s gone

I will have to throw the love seat out into the trash

(See you at the Rainbow Bridge buddy.)

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