Synopsis of The Space

Tony Russo is a native Brooklynite whose world is about to explode. Tony’s life, which is deeply anchored in his cherished rent-stabilized Park Slope apartment, has been way too cushy for the past twenty years. His best kept secret of being a recent New York State lottery winner pulls him further into his comfort zone locking him into a destructive world of addictions.

What worked for many years is slowly becoming Tony’s most tragic nightmare. Conflicted with newly arrived obnoxious nosy upstairs neighbors, a knock on the door from his onetime love of his life, and his best friend succumbing to alcohol, and a haunting past examining his relationship with the AIDS epidemic—Tony spirals deeper into compulsive behavior. As his days become a full-time circus, he is eventually forced to re-evaluate his life.

Tony’s hilarious yet sensitive narrative gives the reader an all-access pass into his secret world. In this decadent place of lifelong friendships, parties, sugar, booze, sex addicts, and drag queens, his only safe, quiet space is about to rumble. The Space swings with colorful characters who help provide an honest, heartwarming perspective on an Italian gay man struggling with a painful past and an out-of-control present.

The Space is based on Vincent Caruso’s play which premiered at The New York City International Fringe festival.

Copyright © 2016 by Vincent Caruso. All rights reserved. For reprint information contact Vincent Caruso.


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